Monuments (Pinhole Studies), 2018

Six framed black and white pinhole photographs with text

Each (framed): 30 x 24 x 2cm

Monuments (Pinhole Studies), 2018 are a series of black and white pinhole photographs taken at the ‘Kyiv in Miniature’ model park near Hydropark in Kyiv, Ukraine. These photographic studies, or working sketches, and are intended to be read from left to right, almost like a linear film sequence or narrative text.


The decision to use a pinhole camera to capture these images and the size of the photographic prints directly references the smaller than life-size scale of the replica monuments: miniaturised versions of real ideological structures and places that can literally be walked upon by the park’s visitors.

All content © Vicki Thornton (2016)


From L-R, top to bottom: Friendship of Nations Arch; Donetsk Stadium; Maidan Nezalezhnosti; Bohdan Khmelnytsky Monument; Rodina Mat (removed); Concrete.