2nd - 29th September 2013


Vicki Thornton's newest film, The Remembered Film (2013), is exhibited at Château de Sacy, France.


Opening hours: 12-6pm daily

1 rue Verte, 60190 Sacy-le-Petit - 03 44 29 09 14

For more information see:

Vicki Thornton: The Remembered Film, exhibition at Château de Sacy

Saturday 13th July 2013 at 4pm


Vicki Thornton presents her work at Ateliers d’Artistes de Sacy Residency at Château de Sacy, a residency for British Artists in France. Vicki is resident artist for the month of July 2013.


For more information see:

Vicki Thornton : Présentation de l’artiste-en-résidence (Artist's Talk)

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