Tuesday 25th February 2014, 6.30pm


90 mins (films + discussion)


Join us for a night of short films brought to you by nine talented video artists from both sides of the Channel. The short films as part of Made in Sacy are born from the fruitful encounter between French and British artists in residency at the Château de Sacy. Enjoy the latest creations of Amanda Couch, Anne-Sophie Maignant, Richard Nègre, Jennie Pedley, Marie- Claude Quignon, Ruth Scott, Ron Suffield, Malakassi and Vicki Thornton.


Free but booking necessary: [email protected]

'Made In Sacy', Screening at Institut Français, London


Thursday 3rd and Friday 4th April 2014, 7.00-10.00pm


Luke McCreadie, Bea Haut, Joanna Byrne, Louise Colbourne, Jim Hobbs, Richard Bevan, Jayne Parker, Sophie Michael, Jennifer Nightingale, Oliver Bancroft, James Holcombe, Denis Masi, Jenna Bliss, Vassilis Vlasatras, Vicki Thornton, Stephen Broomer, Lucy Harris, Nick Collins, Jenny Baines, David Leister, Vicky Smith


ONE HUNDRED FOOT II is the second gathering of artists’ 16mm films which explore the use of this short, analogue format within the field of moving image work.  This screening brings together a wide range of contemporary artists' work, ranging from the abstract to the political to the poetic.


Lo & Behold Gallery, 2B Swanfield St, London, E2 7DS.

One Hundred Foot II at Lo & Behold Gallery, London

ONE HUNDRED FOOT II Screen shot 2015-01-24 at 16.07.19

Friday 21st - Sunday 21st November 2014


Group exhibition of two British-based and one Swiss-based artists: Vicki Thornton, Charlie Godet Thomas and Guy Meldem


PV: Friday 21st November, 6-9pm


Balfron Tower (Flat 2), London, E14 0QR



British Swiss at Balfron Tower, London

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