The Palace of Memory, 2018

Single screen HD video and cloth-bound book

Film duration: 5 minutes 47 seconds /

Book dimensions: 22.9 x 15.2 x 1.2 cm

The Palace of Memory, 2018 is a short film and participatory book project set in and around Ukrainian House (the former Lenin Museum) in central Kyiv.


The film quietly observes the empty corridors and spaces of the building as well as the last remaining guardians and objects occupying it. The films experimental soundtrack takes ‘pink noise’ as its starting point: an electronic frequency scientifically proven to aid memory recall.


The accompanying book was compiled from multiple anonymous memories of the building – both Ukrainian and British – and is designed as a participatory memory text: a work in progress which can be added to by the public. The project aims to question the idea of a collective national memory by presenting multiple, personal narratives, told both from an external perspective and, most importantly, from within.

All content © Vicki Thornton (2016)


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