Three States of Being (2018)

Gold foil blanket, plywood, perspex, acrylic enamel paint,

LED lights and electronic sequencer

Dimensions 199cm x 137cm x 18.4cm

Three States of Being (2018) is based on a broken advertising lightbox located at the junction of Naberezhno-Luhova and Olenivska Street in Kyiv, Ukraine. The real lightbox contained a yellowing, blank poster which had slipped down inside its frame, almost like a fallen stage curtain. An advertisement to nothing, to unknown desires and aspirations, or a performance abandoned halfway through.


In Three States of Being, however, a gold foil sheet – commonly known in English as a ‘space blanket’, ‘trauma blanket’ or ‘survival blanket’ – stands in place of the poster and an electronic sequencer guides the viewer through three different phases: from constantly ‘on’, through breaking down, to finally, a more regulated ‘techno-like’ pulse. The lightbox is in perpetual flux, trapped between these states: perhaps implying a wider movement from a fixed and known past, through a place of instability and finally, to a more bodily and ‘authentic’ future?

All content © Vicki Thornton (2016)